Meet the team 

Leading the team

Clare and Heather created the OWTS we know today after a little conversation grew into a big idea...

Why not make theatre accessible to children who wouldn't usually join a stage school or drama group?

Could we  create a group of young theatrical collaborators who have no experience or idea of their own potential talent? 

Director/Co-founder: Clare Cid Fuentes 
One of Clare's   highlights each year  is  watching  the students who, despite being reserved and shy  on the first day, end up taking the  stage and performing  with courage and pride. Clare has a BA Honours degree in Performing Arts and Post graduate studies in Education and  also in Special Educational Needs Coordination. She has 25 years teaching experience, is mother to 4 and also set up OWTS Spain.

Administrator/ Co-founder: Heather Aylward
Heather is the person on the end of our email ( or phone (07505065320) – you can get in contact any time,  as she really loves telling people about OWTS!   Heather supports the administration of OWTS,  is an ex-police officer who currently works in the NHS . She  is mother to 5 and a grandmother (hard to believe, but true!). 

Co-Show Director: Jennifer Smyth

Jen joined OWTS in 2007  as a team leader and  has since become an OWTS Director. She  has a Degree and Masters in Performance Theatre, has performed across the UK and runs weekly drama sessions connected to OWTS in the name of  P.S Theatre.  Jen specialises in directing and absolutely loves being part of the team! 



Production Crew

Sound and Lighting Designers and Engineers: Gabby Tewson and Eddie Stephens

The project couldn’t take place without our sound and lighting experts – their combined professionalism, experience and quite remarkable patience (at all the crazy ideas that the team come up with), is beyond comprehension. Both Gabby and Eddie work for the BBC. We are delighted they can join us again this year – having been with OWTS since the first project.

Backstage: Theo, Zach, Hannah, Daisy, Maurice, Saffron, Alfie, Rory and Jasmin. 

A fine bunch of artists, musicians, technicians and creatives, all  previous students and now impossible to live without;

Lighting and sound team (Maurice, Daisy  and Zach),  Stage Management  Masters (Hannah and Theo), Film maker and Rounders champ (Jasmin), Set designers and painters (Daisy,  Saffron and Alfie), Website Design and Drone Manager!  (Rory). 

Design Expert: Michele Fowler

Design Diva Michele runs our  design workshops.   She also  works as a Counselor at a local school and is a mother and grandmother .​

Project Manager: Susan Watt

Susan works closely with Clare and Jen  to  devise original and show focused workshops, making sure that every student is fully involved in all aspects of the end  project. Susan is a Project Manager in real life as well as an incredible artist and mother to 3.

Co- Director:Kiera

Kiera has a Masters in Drama therapy and is currently Head of Creative Arts at a London secondary school. She is taking a sabbatical at the moment as haS just had a baby but will be back with us ASAP!  

Music and singing : Sean and Grace

Sean is a singer and musician who performs locally. He has a degree in Music and is a primary school teacher. He is assisted in the Music workshops by the gorgeous musician and blogger Grace. 

Support Team 

Our  Team Leaders   bring so much enthusiasm, energy and hilarity to the project.  ​Conor, Michael and Patrick, all previous students,  are our games leaders, with the emphasis always on confidence-building and fun.