Our Previous Shows

2020 On with the... Show?

 The OWTS performers, led by our technical and creative  OWTS  leaders, spent a week making this wonderful short film which captures the true essence of OWTS - That is, getting On With The Show - even when you can't!


2018 Caesars Green

2016 - Cut!

This year we are behind the scenes on Guy not-so-Richie's new film, The heist. But with budget cuts the production team is having a tough time. Will they pull it together?

2014 - Some Sunny Day 

This year at On With the Show we go back in time to World War I. We follow the story of the young soldiers leaving there homes to go and fight for their country.

2012 - It's a Right Royal Romp

Fresh from her skydive at the Olympics, we meet the monarch herself. Find out what happens when she visits a local school (think St Trinnians) along with James Bond and Q. Its a mad one this year!

2019 - Pitched

Its a bit of a twist this year, we go behind the scenes of On With the Shows production of Oliver (with a twist!)

2017 The Ticket

2015 - Something Borrowed

In this years summer project we followed the stags on their stag do before the wedding night. After a late night they miss their flight in the morning. But will they make it       back in time?

2013 - Carry On Cruising

This years show takes place on the infamous cruise ship, the Owtzy Days! Its so popular, even the Beckhams are on board.

2011 - Twisted

Its a bit of a twist this year, we go behind the scenes of On With the Shows production of Oliver (with a twist!)

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2010 - Our House

They buy a grandma off Ebay, but shes got a past they weren't aware of! Two crooks show up at the families house asking for money. Will they get to the bottom of it?

2009 - A Stage Odyssey

The Kids at OWTS find a portal under the stage. It leads them on a wild adventure across the galaxy, and they meet a whole range of wacky and wonderful beings!