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On with the Show Productions is a performing arts project based in Watford for children aged 4- 16years.

OWTS 2023

Monday 31st July to Friday 11 August (showtime)  

Pump House Theatre, Local Board Road, Watford

This year's project will run from 31st July-11th August at the Pump House Theatre, Watford and will be our 21th production.  We are delighted to return to our live performances after a couple of years which were effected by COVID restrictions.  We still ran our 2 week project however and in 2020,  we focused on producing a film rather than a live performance - you can check this out below.

In  traditional OWTS style, this year's plot and script will be devised by the cast and crew.   This means that we will present a  truly unique play to our audience which all the participants  have collaborated in. It is this process that makes OWTS stand out from other local groups and one which we are all very proud of.

For any queries please contact: or ring 07505065320.






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A two week performing arts project based in Watford for 4 – 16 years,  founded in 2002 as a theatrical and performing arts project which  enables students of all abilities to take part in every aspect of putting on a show:

  • DESIGN: set, costumes, stage make up

  • TECHNICAL: Lighting, sound and stage management

  • DIRECTING: script and choreography

  • PERFORMANCE: Singing, dancing and acting

OWTS was set up to develop confidence through building skills – ‘talent’ or experience are definitely not a pre-requisite. Students are involved in all aspects of putting on a show, teaching them the importance of team building, drawing on their imagination, using their initiative and being encouraged to just dare to have a go.


“My daughter is playing the lead in her school production – she’s been learning a full song to sing on her own and she’s really happy – I’m sure this is due to all the OWTS work she’s done with you before so many thanks


`On with the' Ummm ...Not quite. But did  OWTS let the total ban on live performances stop us having fun and being creative? No, we certainly did not. The OWTS performers, led by our technical and creative  OWTS  leaders, spent a week making this wonderful short film which captures the true essence of OWTS - That is, getting On With The Show - even when you can't!

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